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Broken Bones

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Show Low, AZThere are so many ways we can break bones. You can break your leg falling off a horse. You can break a toe kicking a table leg. You can break your arm by falling out of bed and landing wrong. In fact, you can break almost any part of the body by falling on it wrong. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

But just because bones seem easy to break, doesn’t mean that they are as easy to fix. Waiting too long to see a doctor or seeing the wrong one can mean a bone doesn’t heal quite right. For anyone, that could mean big problems. If you’re active and want to recover the right way, you need to see someone who understands all of the parts at play. Keep reading to learn about broken bones and how we help you heal.

Types of Breaks


These are the category of breaks that come as a result of car accidents, falls, or any other outside force. A football tackle can lead to this kind of break, as well as other sports-related collisions. These types of breaks can vary from a “clean” break to a completely shattered bone.


The type of breaks that come from Osteoporosis come from a weakening of the bone itself. Because the bone matter is less dense, it is also weaker. This can lead to breaks from outside force that would not harm an otherwise healthy bone.

Stress Fracture (Overuse)

When you perform the same actions repeatedly, you’re using the same muscles–repeatedly. This overuse can cause muscles to become exhausted, which then can put more stress on the surrounding bones. For example, stress fractures in the leg bones are the result of running too much without proper recovery time.

Within just hours of breaking a bone, your body begins the healing process. That is why it’s so important to have a good physician that you know you can trust in case of an accident. By having the bone treated as soon as possible, you’re able to minimize risk of improper healing or other complications. Treating the bone properly is key, but we also go the extra mile in understanding all the surrounding muscles and tissues to give you the best overall care.

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