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Physical Therapy FAQs

Physical Therapy Show Low | Hip Replacement Snowflake AZAfter you’ve been injured, you might be recommended to go to a physical therapist, especially if you’ve recently had surgery to repair the injury. Physical therapists are expertly trained to analyze and help you recover the normal movement and function of your body. That being said, many people still don’t know exactly what physical therapists do, and what kinds of injuries they can help you with. Keep reading for some of the most frequently asked questions regarding physical therapists and what they do.

What should I expect during my visit to the physical therapist?

Your first visit with your physical therapist could be very similar to a visit with your primary care physician, in that you’ll likely outline your general health, the specific issue that brought you in, and any other concerns. Then, you may go through a few tests and exercises to help the physical therapist tailor a plan for you. You might even start with some exercises on your first day, depending on your injury.

What kind of treatment should I expect?

Physical therapists use many different tools and methods to help you recover from your injury. Depending on your injury, obviously, your treatment will vary. You might expect therapeutic exercises designed to strengthen your injured body part during each appointment, and your physical therapist usually will create a plan for you to practice at home. Cold packs, water therapy, inclined boxes, heat, and focused exercises can all help you get your range of motion and strength back.

How many visits will I need?

The amount of visits you require completely depends on your injury and how well you progress. Your physical therapist and your doctor will work together to monitor your progress and update your program as you improve.

What should I wear to my appointments?

For your first appointment, it’s a good idea to bring loose-fitting clothing, or clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in. If you have them, bring some athletic shoes to your appointments. As your program progresses, your physical therapist will advise and update you on what to bring to your appointments.

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