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Knee Replacement

Need A Knee Replacement? Summit Health Care OrthopedicThere’s nothing so frustrating as watching the list of things you can’t do grow. And when you injure your knee, that list can grow quite quickly. No more driving, no more racquetball, and maybe no more skiing for the season. It’s even more frustrating if you play sports regularly. Who wants to scrap a season of play for physical therapy? Keep reading to learn about knee replacement surgery, and what recovery is like.

After surgery, when can I walk around?

We will help you to get up to walk around as quickly as possible. Generally, you’ll be helped to stand within the first day of your operation, though it does depend on your specific situation. We recommend using crutches or a frame at first. You may be able to walk independently with just the use of sticks after a week or so but, again, we can’t make any promises. Ultimately, your health and ability determines how fast you’ll be up and about.

Starting therapy sooner than later will also help you feel more in control. Often, patients find that having a job to do helps them with the recovery process. A physiotherapist can start to teach you exercises to start strengthening your knee quickly. Listening and following directions will help you push yourself, but not so far as to injure your new joint. You might feel strange or swollen, and it’s important to communicate how you’re feeling to your therapist.

You may be in the hospital for a few days, and we don’t recommend rushing home until you have reached a few milestones. If you are feeling like you want to go home before, we can talk about that, but ultimately it’s more important to give yourself a few days to let your leg start healing. In many ways, a hospital bed can be more helpful than that at home, even just for its ability to keep your leg elevated.

After you get home, we will continue to follow up with you and help you progress in your recovery.

Are you looking to learn more about knee replacement surgery? Give us a call at (928) 537-6381 to schedule a consultation with us.

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