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What Do I Need to Prepare for Surgery?

Preparing For Surgery | Summit Health Care Orthopedic If you’re not the type to think too far ahead, then surgery may bring extra stress into your life. Not only will you be unable to do some of the things you used to, like cook or dress yourself, but you may not be able to drive for a while. Being able to sit on the couch or lie in bed is crucial to helping you relax and recover. But, you’ll need to prepare if you want a smooth transition home. Keep reading for some recommendations of things to gather before your surgery.

Pump soap

Using soaps in a pump container will make bathing with one arm that much easier.


If you’re really not feeling great, and the fiber-rich foods aren’t doing the job, consider looking into magnesium, teas, or an over-the-counter laxative to help move things along.

Your favorite foods

Purchase one or two of your favorite foods, such as a pint of ice cream or a small bag of chips. Sometimes it just feels good to have that comfort food around. Just make sure not to eat too much junk food, as it may just lead you to feel worse later on.

Medicine box

Keep your vitamins and pain and prescription medications organized with a medicine box or pill organizer. Setting timers will also help you take the right medication at the right time.

Large waterproof bandages or trash bags and athletic tape

Keep your incision covered until your doctor tells you it’s safe to let it breathe. Waterproof bandages or something you rig up with trash bags will help keep your incision clean and dry.


You do not want to have to run out for toothpaste while you’re on the mend. Get an extra tube of toothpaste, more deodorant, and all of your necessary toiletries so you can avoid any unnecessary trips out.

Being prepared will help you feel in control and confident. It can even cut down on frustration and last-minute emergencies. If you want more information about shoulder surgery and your recovery, give us a call at (928) 537-6381.

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