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Do I Need a Second Opinion?

Injury Recovery | Show Low, AZIf you’re working on a plan for an injury, you may be overwhelmed with how your life has changed. If you’re slowing down or unable to participate in your normal activities, you might want to rush ahead with a treatment plan or even surgery.

But, before you do rush, it might be worth getting a second opinion. Our team can give you an independent and thorough second opinion of your diagnosis. We will provide you with treatment options and will review your MRIs, CT scans, and other assessments.

A second opinion from us can provide with more information. This can help you:

-Determine if you have considered all possible treatment options and if there are less invasive options available.

-Understand that if surgery is necessary, what type of surgery should be performed.

-Consider if you’re a good candidate for new minimally invasive procedure that would provide a faster recovery timeframe.

When Should You Get a Second Opinion?

Unless your condition is life-threatening and requires emergency care, we believe that it is never possible to have too much information. In many cases, seeking a second opinion is not only warranted, but necessary to ensure you’re making the best decision for your health. Consider asking for a second opinion if:

-Surgery is one of the treatment options suggested

-Numerous possible treatment options are potentially available

-After consulting with your doctor or another orthopedic surgeon, you still have a number of unanswered questions

-You are told by the doctor or orthopedic surgeon that nothing can be done to treat your condition

Is It Too Late To Seek A Second Opinion?

What if you begin receiving treatment and then decide that you would like to get a second opinion to understand a little more? While it’s best to seek a second opinion soon after a condition or problem is diagnosed, you can still see us after beginning treatment. If you have had surgery, then it may be too late to give you all of your original options, though.

Would you like to request a second opinion? Feel free to give us a call at 928.537.6381 to schedule a consultation or second opinion.

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