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Can Doing Yoga Prevent Injuries?

Injury Prevention, Show Low, AZYoga has been growing in popularity for decades now, and you’re probably aware of all of the yoga studios around town. Maybe you already go to one. What once was thought a silly or hippie workout is finally becoming mainstream. But, why do people love yoga so much? Yoga-lovers claim that yoga encourages strength and stretching that makes them feel good and even a little more spry. Keep reading to learn about Yoga and how it may be able to help you prevent injuries.


Yoga poses can help stretch out your tired or constricted muscles. In fact, you might even feel the muscles that you haven’t used in a long time during your yoga session. When your muscles stretch, you’re encouraging better flexibility. If you do yoga long enough, you probably notice how much more flexible you are now. Bonus, when your muscles are flexible, you’re less likely to strain or pull them when working out.


Doing yoga has been linked to lower levels of stress, likely due to the breathing techniques that are incorporated into classes. Taking deeper breaths and practicing meditation techniques encourage lower heart rates and better stress management. When you’re working through stress better and more calmly, you’re less likely to make poor decisions that may lead to an injury.


The biggest misconception about yoga is that it’s a relaxation hour. So many types of yoga are designed to work your muscles, and you’ll find you’re working up a sweat. Whether you’re working on headstands or just practicing your crow pose, you’re going to notice you’re working really hard. Keep yourself strong by working muscles that don’t normally get touched at the gym.

Yoga isn’t the hippie workout that we used to think it was. Whether you’re looking to keep yourself strong, regain the flexibility of your youth, or just decompress after a long week at work, yoga could be a great option to explore.  If you’re interested in learning more about preventing injuries, or have an injury you want us to look at, call us today at 928.537.6381 to schedule a consultation.

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