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Common Cycling Injuries

Common Injuries, Show Low, AZThe feel of the wind in your hair can be pretty amazing, and if you’re a cyclist you know the rush of flying down a hill after a hard climb. There are many things about cycling that are good for you, and it’s an amazing exercise that can be easily adapted to different ability levels. Injuries can often be accommodated, too. If your back or shoulders have issues, a recumbent bicycle can be a great way to exercise. Parents with young children can still get their exercise in by bringing kids behind them in a little trailer. Biking is a perfect form of exercise for many types of people, especially when weather is nice.

Outdoor cycling becomes more popular as the weather heats up. Summer is a great time to try cycling, in fact. The sun is out. Temperatures are a lot more agreeable and the road will be more clear. But, biking injuries are common. Whether you’re an avid cycler or just trying it for the first time this year, you should be aware of common injuries to watch out for while cycling.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can sometimes be resolved by changing up the position of your feet while you ride. Adjust your cleats to better align your knees and that pain could fade away. As a bonus, when your feet and legs are properly aligned, you’ll have more power to climb up hills.

Achilles Tendonitis

This injury generally comes from the overuse of muscles. Try taking a break for a few days, and ice wherever you feel pain or see swelling. Also, Ibuprofen might help calm down inflammation faster. If your inflammation returns, consider adjusting the seat of your bike–if the seat is too high you toes might be pointing downward instead of parallel, which can cause problems.

If you’re looking for more information about injuries or want our opinion on an injury, give us a call today at 928.537.6381 to schedule a consultation. Biking is a great form of exercise, but no exercise is completely free of risk. We can help you learn more to keep you healthy.

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