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MRI vs. CT Scan

We see a lot of injuries and we still understand how panic-inducing they can be for our patients. All of the worries can come flooding in when you think you have a problem. So many questions can come up like: Will I be able to go back to work? Will I have pain forever? Can the diagnostic tests pose even more risks for me? Which are the safest?

A lot of information can come during a consultation, and it can be hard to digest it all at once. So, before you come in, here are a few differences that can help you understand more about two very popular and useful diagnostic tests: the MRI and CT scan.


MRIs can provide more detailed information about the inner organs, reproductive system, skeletal system, and other organs. A CT scan will not provide all of these details. An MRI may not be necessary to perform, depending on what we are looking for, though.


CT scans are fast and not invasive.. MRI scans are more noisy, take more time, and may cause claustrophobia in some patients as they wait for the MRI to finish running.


CT scans take multiple X-ray images to form a more complete image of inside the body. A computer is then used to create images from the various X-ray images. MRIs use magnetic fields and radiofrequency pulses to create detailed pictures of the targeted internal body structures.

Radiation and Safety

CT scans utilize radiation to take images, and MRIs do not. Of course, MRIs can pose other risks: MRI scanners use strong magnet that can damage internal metal like screws, plates, or even aneurysm clips. No metal is allowed in the room during an MRI because of these strong magnets.

We can help you with your injury by recommending the most effective diagnostic tests to understand what is going on. Instead of wondering, just give us a call. We can help you understand more about your options and what kind of recovery you can expect. Give us a call at 928.537.6381 to schedule a consultation today.

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