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Recovery After Shoulder Surgeries

Orthopedic Services Show Low, AZSummit Healthcare Orthopedic Center welcomes patients in the Show Low, AZ area who are interested in orthopedic surgeries. One area of the body that may be treated is the shoulder. There are a wide variety of procedures that may be performed on the shoulder. These include joint replacements and arthroscopic treatments to address dislocation or damaged cartilage. Our practice is pleased to offer a variety of treatments for the shoulder, and we encourage patients to ask not only about the procedure itself but the expected recovery process.

Below are a few generalized tips to help patients maximize their recovery time and ensure a healthy, functioning shoulder after surgery.

  • To support the rotator cuff, our doctors will provide patients with a sling to support the arm while the shoulder muscles heal.
  • When sleeping or lying down, patients should position a pillow underneath their arm to keep their arm still and prevent turning onto the shoulder during the night.
  • Avoid strain on the shoulder initially after treatment. Then, work with a physical therapist to perform special exercises to aid in recovery and restore range of motion.
  • Expect it to take anywhere from six to nine months for invasive surgical procedures on the shoulder to return to full functionality.
  • Manage pain and discomfort following shoulder surgery with prescribed over over-the-counter medications as advised by the doctors. Wean off of the medication over time as you begin to heal.
  • Reintroduce various activities back into a normal routine with the help of the doctor and his or her recommendations.
  • Patients may return to work anywhere between six weeks and four months, depending on the surgery that has been performed and the type of job a patient holds.
  • Sports activities that are aggressive or high-impact should not be reintroduced until sometimes up to a year following shoulder surgery.

Learn more about shoulder surgery recovery with our team

At Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center, patients in and around the Show Low, AZ community can visit with our doctors to discuss the recovery expectations following any surgical procedure of the shoulder. We welcome patients to call the practice at (928) 537-6381 to schedule a consultation visit. The practice is located at 2200 East Show Low Lake Road and welcomes new patients.

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