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When should hip replacement be considered?

At Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center, we work with patients in the community of Show Low, AZ who are dealing with sports and non-sports related injuries that are impacting their daily lives. Patients who have had an injury of the hip, or are dealing with progressive arthritis in the area, may want to take the time to learn about their treatment options. While physical therapy, medication pain management, and regular exercise can help most patients find comfort, sometimes it is not enough. When these options no longer work to keep patients comfortable, it may be time to think about hip replacement.

What is hip replacement surgery?

A hip replacement surgery is a procedure that is performed by a doctor to replace parts of the hip joint that are damaged or injured. Most parts used in hip replacement surgery are made of materials such as plastic, ceramic, or metal. Patients who undergo hip replacement surgery will often enjoy their replacement for up to twenty years or longer, depending on the amount of stress put on the joint and how well the joint replacements meld with the natural bone.

When should I consider hip replacement surgery?

We work with many patients who are unsure as to whether or not they should undergo hip replacement surgery. There are other treatments for patients who have arthritis or injuries to the hip area that are available for consideration, but these may not resolve all the problems. Additionally, some patients may find that their limitations make them desire a hip replacement in order to regain their active lifestyles before their problems occurred. It is important that patients speak with their doctor about the procedure to determine if it is time to move forward with surgical intervention to address the problems experienced.

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