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How physical therapy can get you healed and back in the game

The team of Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center in Show Low, AZ is available to assist patients in and around the community with their physical needs. Patients who have had a recent injury or surgery may need to work with a provider to determine if physical therapy is beneficial for helping them get back to their original activities. Physical therapy is a specialized field of medicine that works with restoring range of motion and strengthening specific areas of the body that may have been impacted by injury, trauma, or surgery. Drs. Ian Brimhall, Raul Curiel, and Jeffrey Reagan are pleased to provide physical therapy, and what better time to discuss physical therapy than the month of October in honor of Physical Therapy Month!

What are the benefits of regular physical therapy?

Physical therapy can help all ages of patients get back to their original lifestyle and activities following changes such as injury or surgery. With physical therapy, doctors will develop a customized treatment plan for patients to follow to see improvement in their day-to-day activities and abilities. The benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Reduction or elimination of pain in the joints and soft tissues
  • The avoidance of therapy after an injury or trauma
  • Improve mobility, including range of motion
  • Recovery from a stroke, where weakened areas may be impacted negatively
  • Recovery from a sports injury—or prevention and reduced risk
  • Improve your balance to prevent slips and falls, especially for aging patients
  • Assistance in managing conditions such as vascular health and diabetes
  • Address age-related issues such as osteoporosis or arthritis
  • Assistance in managing heart and lung disease
  • Assistance in managing women’s health including specialized treatment for patients with breast cancer and fibromyalgia among others

Ready to discuss physical therapy as a way of recovering your original abilities?

If you’re ready to get back into the game following an injury or problem with the joints, muscles, or ligaments, the team at Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center is here to help. We are located at 2200 East Show Low Lake Road in Show Low, AZ and are available for appointments by calling (928) 537-6381. Patients in and around the community are welcome to schedule a visit with one of our providers, including Drs. Ian Brimhall, Raul Curiel, and Jeffrey Reagan.

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