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9 Reasons to Participate in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps men, women, and children of all ages who have specific medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses that impact their ability to move and function properly. With a customized physical therapy program, many patients can recover from conditions that may greatly and negatively impair their lifestyle and overall quality of life. Show Low, AZ […]

Common Injuries, Show Low, AZ

Common Cycling Injuries

The feel of the wind in your hair can be pretty amazing, and if you’re a cyclist you know the rush of flying down a hill after a hard climb. There are many things about cycling that are good for you, and it’s an amazing exercise that can be easily adapted to different ability levels. […]

Injury Prevention, Show Low, AZ

Can Doing Yoga Prevent Injuries?

Yoga has been growing in popularity for decades now, and you’re probably aware of all of the yoga studios around town. Maybe you already go to one. What once was thought a silly or hippie workout is finally becoming mainstream. But, why do people love yoga so much? Yoga-lovers claim that yoga encourages strength and […]

Running Injuries | Show Low, AZ

Spring is Here, And Running Injuries Are, Too

Spring is finally here, and that means we’re starting to move more, and we’re getting outside more. You could be upgrading your workout from the gym and moving it outside, or starting your workout regime to get in your best shape for summer. Nothing can derail your plans like an injury can, especially if you’re […]

Injury Recovery | Show Low, AZ

Do I Need a Second Opinion?

If you’re working on a plan for an injury, you may be overwhelmed with how your life has changed. If you’re slowing down or unable to participate in your normal activities, you might want to rush ahead with a treatment plan or even surgery. But, before you do rush, it might be worth getting a […]

Joint Replcement

Questions About Joint Replacement

Are you interested in joint replacement and what it could do for your quality of life? If you have a joint that is swollen and stiff,  it can affect many different aspects of your day. You may find yourself scouring the internet for reputable physicians and researching the procedures you know could be good options. […]

UCL Surgery

If you’ve recently been thinking that your elbow isn’t up to snuff, due to throwing issues, it could be time to see a physician. Thankfully, an elbow issue such as a UCL injury doesn’t need to limit what you’re able to do forever. UCL surgery, which often also called Tommy John surgery, repairs an injured […]

Surgery, Show Low, AZ

What Do I Need to Prepare for Surgery?

If you’re not the type to think too far ahead, then surgery may bring extra stress into your life. Not only will you be unable to do some of the things you used to, like cook or dress yourself, but you may not be able to drive for a while. Being able to sit on […]

Knee Replacement Show Low AZ

Knee Replacement

There’s nothing so frustrating as watching the list of things you can’t do grow. And when you injure your knee, that list can grow quite quickly. No more driving, no more racquetball, and maybe no more skiing for the season. It’s even more frustrating if you play sports regularly. Who wants to scrap a season […]

Physical Therapy Show Low AZ

Physical Therapy FAQs

After you’ve been injured, you might be recommended to go to a physical therapist, especially if you’ve recently had surgery to repair the injury. Physical therapists are expertly trained to analyze and help you recover the normal movement and function of your body. That being said, many people still don’t know exactly what physical therapists […]

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