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What to Expect in Recovery Following Full Knee Replacement Surgery

At Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center, patients in the area of Show Low, AZ who are considering full knee replacement surgery may be unsure as to whether or not they should move forward. Many patients are worried about what the recovery from knee replacement surgery entails. The doctors at Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center encourage patients who […]

Shoulder Surgery: Rotator Cuff Repair

Several sports can put patients at risk for a variety of muscle tears and joint issues. One common condition that can happen to the shoulder is that of torn tendons in the shoulder. This may be part of the rotator cuff which makes up the groups of muscles and tendons over the joint of the […]

How physical therapy can get you healed and back in the game

The team of Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center in Show Low, AZ is available to assist patients in and around the community with their physical needs. Patients who have had a recent injury or surgery may need to work with a provider to determine if physical therapy is beneficial for helping them get back to their […]

When should hip replacement be considered?

At Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center, we work with patients in the community of Show Low, AZ who are dealing with sports and non-sports related injuries that are impacting their daily lives. Patients who have had an injury of the hip, or are dealing with progressive arthritis in the area, may want to take the time […]

Partial Knee Replacement Surgeries Available in Show Low, AZ

At Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center, we care for patients who develop concerns with their bones, joints, and muscles. When patients have developed conditions such as osteoarthritis in the knee, they may require assistance for replacement. Because osteoarthritis develops only in one area of the knee, many patients can maintain their healthy bone and replace only […]

When Might a Patient Benefit From Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Patients who have experienced damage, arthritis, or an injury to their shoulder may not only experience pain, but difficulty in properly using their shoulder for day-to-day activities. In many cases, patients who have severe problems with their shoulder may want to speak to a professional about the benefits of shoulder replacement surgery. What is shoulder […]

Orthopedic Services Show Low, AZ

Recovery After Shoulder Surgeries

Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center welcomes patients in the Show Low, AZ area who are interested in orthopedic surgeries. One area of the body that may be treated is the shoulder. There are a wide variety of procedures that may be performed on the shoulder. These include joint replacements and arthroscopic treatments to address dislocation or […]

What to Expect for Recovery After a Hip Replacement Procedure

Patients who are considering total hip replacement services in Show Low, AZ are encouraged to work with an orthopedic team that can provide information regarding the recovery and post-operative care needed to ensure a healthy and fast recovery. As with many invasive surgical procedures, there is some downtime that will be required for those with […]

9 Reasons to Participate in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps men, women, and children of all ages who have specific medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses that impact their ability to move and function properly. With a customized physical therapy program, many patients can recover from conditions that may greatly and negatively impair their lifestyle and overall quality of life. Show Low, AZ […]

Knee Replacement Surgery

Men and women who have experienced degeneration in their knee due to age or problems caused by trauma may need to speak to their orthopedic team about the possibility of undergoing knee replacement surgery when other, more conservative methods fail to address the problem. Why knee replacement surgery? Knee replacement surgery, medically referred to as […]

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