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Treating Repetitive Strains

If you’ve been working the same job for decades, the chances are good that you’ve developed a repetitive injury. These differ from injuries that come from fast accidents, like a car accident or an injury caused all at once. Repetitive injuries come from the slow build up of time. But, just because they creep up […]

Common Injuries, Show Low, AZ

Common Cycling Injuries

The feel of the wind in your hair can be pretty amazing, and if you’re a cyclist you know the rush of flying down a hill after a hard climb. There are many things about cycling that are good for you, and it’s an amazing exercise that can be easily adapted to different ability levels. […]

Running Injuries | Show Low, AZ

Spring is Here, And Running Injuries Are, Too

Spring is finally here, and that means we’re starting to move more, and we’re getting outside more. You could be upgrading your workout from the gym and moving it outside, or starting your workout regime to get in your best shape for summer. Nothing can derail your plans like an injury can, especially if you’re […]

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