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When should hip replacement be considered?

At Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center, we work with patients in the community of Show Low, AZ who are dealing with sports and non-sports related injuries that are impacting their daily lives. Patients who have had an injury of the hip, or are dealing with progressive arthritis in the area, may want to take the time […]

What to Expect for Recovery After a Hip Replacement Procedure

Patients who are considering total hip replacement services in Show Low, AZ are encouraged to work with an orthopedic team that can provide information regarding the recovery and post-operative care needed to ensure a healthy and fast recovery. As with many invasive surgical procedures, there is some downtime that will be required for those with […]

Hip Replacement Show Low AZ

How to Prolong or Avoid a Hip Replacement

If you’re starting to advance in age, it’s easy to start looking at the negative. But, looking at the positive is so much better. In fact, you should be grateful to live a long time. We know we are. But that doesn’t mean that age comes without challenges. Our metabolism has slowed and we may […]

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