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Joint Replcement

Questions About Joint Replacement

Are you interested in joint replacement and what it could do for your quality of life? If you have a joint that is swollen and stiff,  it can affect many different aspects of your day. You may find yourself scouring the internet for reputable physicians and researching the procedures you know could be good options. […]

UCL Surgery

If you’ve recently been thinking that your elbow isn’t up to snuff, due to throwing issues, it could be time to see a physician. Thankfully, an elbow issue such as a UCL injury doesn’t need to limit what you’re able to do forever. UCL surgery, which often also called Tommy John surgery, repairs an injured […]

Joint Replacement Show Low AZ

Preventing Injuries While Skiing This Year

If you haven’t planned a ski vacation yet, you better get on it. Before you know it, spring will be here! But, if you’re a little rusty or just skiing for the first time this season, there are some thing you should know to prepare. Spending a little bit of time beforehand can help prevent […]

Joint Replacement Show Low AZ

I Think I Tore My ACL

If you’re getting ready to celebrate the cooler weather with a pickup game of football, take a minute to go through this mental checklist. Has it been a long while since you’ve played an active sport that required you to run, jump, pivot, and twist? Do you have any past injuries you should check in […]

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