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Orthopedic Services Show Low, AZ

Recovery After Shoulder Surgeries

Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center welcomes patients in the Show Low, AZ area who are interested in orthopedic surgeries. One area of the body that may be treated is the shoulder. There are a wide variety of procedures that may be performed on the shoulder. These include joint replacements and arthroscopic treatments to address dislocation or […]

Treating Repetitive Strains

If you’ve been working the same job for decades, the chances are good that you’ve developed a repetitive injury. These differ from injuries that come from fast accidents, like a car accident or an injury caused all at once. Repetitive injuries come from the slow build up of time. But, just because they creep up […]

MRI vs. CT Scan

We see a lot of injuries and we still understand how panic-inducing they can be for our patients. All of the worries can come flooding in when you think you have a problem. So many questions can come up like: Will I be able to go back to work? Will I have pain forever? Can […]

orthopedic surgeries and treatments Show Low, AZ

How You Can Exercise While Injured

If you’re planning on going to the gym with a boot, wrap, or even crutches, you might expect some stares. If you know what you’re doing then who cares how people react? But, you may want to prepare yourself for questions from curious people. And, most importantly, you must consult your physician and do your […]

orthopedic surgeries and treatments Show Low, AZ

How Can I Stop My Feet From Aching?

Winter is truly on its way, and we’re torn between the desire to bundle up and relax on the couch and get outside to enjoy some of the last good weather. Our bodies may choose the former, but we’re leaning toward the latter. It’s true that our muscles more easily tighten up when they’re not […]

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