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How physical therapy can get you healed and back in the game

The team of Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center in Show Low, AZ is available to assist patients in and around the community with their physical needs. Patients who have had a recent injury or surgery may need to work with a provider to determine if physical therapy is beneficial for helping them get back to their […]

9 Reasons to Participate in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps men, women, and children of all ages who have specific medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses that impact their ability to move and function properly. With a customized physical therapy program, many patients can recover from conditions that may greatly and negatively impair their lifestyle and overall quality of life. Show Low, AZ […]

Injury Prevention, Show Low, AZ

Can Doing Yoga Prevent Injuries?

Yoga has been growing in popularity for decades now, and you’re probably aware of all of the yoga studios around town. Maybe you already go to one. What once was thought a silly or hippie workout is finally becoming mainstream. But, why do people love yoga so much? Yoga-lovers claim that yoga encourages strength and […]

Physical Therapy Show Low AZ

Physical Therapy FAQs

After you’ve been injured, you might be recommended to go to a physical therapist, especially if you’ve recently had surgery to repair the injury. Physical therapists are expertly trained to analyze and help you recover the normal movement and function of your body. That being said, many people still don’t know exactly what physical therapists […]

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